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WE SPEAK CHICAGOESE features short stories, creative essays and poems about Chicago by some of the top literary voices to ever roam the Windy City's streets. And that voice - it pounds, it pulsates, it oozes with city life. From Morgan Park to Humboldt Park, from the shores of Lake Michigan to the old Chicago stadium, from flea markets to barstools, WE SPEAK CHICAGOESE gives the Chicago voice its due and then some.

Asylums, taverns, back alleys, jail cells and more dot the pages of Richards' debut poetry collection.

Chicago's South side neighborhoods of the '60s and '70s spring to life as Foley intertwines stories about his drunken father's adventures, alongside stories about the strange solitude he enjoys during his 10-day stay in a hospital's ICU where he befriends an old man dying of cancer.Type your paragraph here.

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